Gratitude and Weight Loss?

Hello Beautiful!

Do you ever notice that when your day starts out bad, it just seems to get worse? But the other is also true – when it feels like all is right with our day, it just continues to get better?

Here’s a simple law of the Universe that we aren’t taught in school… Like attracts like.

Here’s another example – you are in a hurry, driving down the street … but you are focused on the red lights – it will appear as if you keep getting red lights. BUT if you are on the same St and you focus on how many green lights you are getting through, it will seem as if the path is always green. Same street … different perspective.

What you focus on expands. When you focus on what is going right – guess what? You get more of what is going right.

AND the greatest way to focus on what is right it through gratitude.

When we take the time to appreciate the things that are right in our lives, we put attention on those things … we invite more of those good things to come to us.

Even better, it puts us in a positive feeling place – which increases our motivation to get lean and healthy, it decreases our desires for cravings AND it causes chemical reactions in our body that are more conducive to health and weight loss. YES – studies show that people who are more positive are more successful in their weight loss efforts!

So let’s put the power of gratitude and positive energy to work for us and our weight loss journey. End every evening by pulling out your diary and writing down

  • 1 thing about your body, and
  • 2 things about your life

that you are grateful for.

Be grateful for every ounce, every half an inch, every pound lost, every nourishing, delicious meal that you are lucky enough to eat. Often times we don’t appreciate the small wins. Appreciating those small wins shows that you are ready for larger wins.

The more you practice gratitude, you more you realize how blessed your life is! Gratitude is a shortcut to your happy, positive place … and your lean, sexy body :-).



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