Why You Must Add Juices & Smoothies to Your Life!

I’m known far and wide for my love of green juices and smoothies, but there is a “why” behind it. The truth is that my green drinks were my first step down the path to taking care of myself.

So began my love affair with all things healthy … as I went on a quest – with the goal being healthy, happy & hot. So I understand the power of taking this small step, which is why I’m so enthusiastic about sharing it with the world … with you!

Most of us approach “getting healthy” because we want to lose weight. The truth is that when you start taking care of the inside, when you start flooding your body with nutrients, the outside will take care of itself. You will have the body that
you want, you will have energy, you won’t want to eat crap food anymore …cause you are a Goddess … your body is amazing and you do NOT want to put any junk in it!

And you are in luck … I’m hosting my LIVE FREE 7Day 7 Green Juice Challenge starting on Monday, May 9th. No .. it’s NOT a cleanse – you continue to eat real food. It’s more about creating a habit, of adding a juice or smoothie consistently to our day … for 7 days! You see, I’m all about small steps to take you where you need to go … otherwise it’s easy to get overwhelmed and just give up. And we do not want that!  So sign up for the challenge here:


But first – check out this episode of ChantelleTV … we break down some of the delicious benefits of your green drink.

Here is what you will get

  • Step-by-step guide – with all my tips
  • a shopping list to get started
  • delicious recipes for each day – on a photo card that you can save to your phone
  • daily, fun videos to keep you motivated
  • access to me and a community to juicers for support!
  • AND lots of love 🙂

Don’t put it off any longer! It’s time to finally say YES to you … YES to glowing skin, increased energy, laser focus, rock solid immune system AND a jumpstart to the weight loss that you want. Let’s OWN it Party People!

Convinced? Sign up here and let’s get this party started!


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