Why French women don’t get fat … the real deal!


The smooth, crispy outer shell gave way to a soft chewy pistachio center with a super intense burst of flavor and just the perfect level of sweetness.

I was in heaven … macaron heaven!

One of the highlights of my summer in Paris was falling in love with this delicate and absolutely delicious French pastry.

Luckily … or actually unluckily for me, there is a bakery (aka boulangerie) on every corner of the city, which made giving into my temptations far too easy.

Well, it got me to wondering – How do the French women do it? How are they surrounded by so many delightful treats, how do they eat rich cream and meat sauces, baguettes, croissants, potatoes with butter and cheese, drink coffee and wine – yet still stay lean and healthy. YUP – much more so than Americans.

So what was the secret? I was on a quest to find out and share with my peeps.

Well, mission accomplished! Yes … this time it’s for real 🙂

After much research, personal experimentation and lots of macarons, the “French Paradox” is solved!

Check out the video below and let me know which of the 7 “reasons” you will put into practice. #7 is right up my alley!

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